Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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The Key to Creating Fresh Sounding Piano Improvisations

Some music just has it. You know the kind I'm talking about. The kind of music you can listen to over and over - and it never gets old.

So, what's the secret? How can music remain fresh after multiple listens? I'll tell you. The secret is the performer was in the present.

You see, music is an instant transmission of feeling. Whatever "mental state" the performer is in while playing can be detected by careful listening. That's why some performances, although technically correct, lack feeling or emotion. The performers' mind was somewhere else.

The key to creating fresh sounding improvisation is to be in the present while playing. But, this is more difficult than you think. Our minds are always busy. Thoughts skitter back and forth while we're at the keyboard and if we are improvising, the music coming out will reflect it.

The best way I know to stay "in the present" while playing is to just play! This may sound overly simple but I assure you that the attitude of play is very important.

Think of children drawing with crayons. They are only interested in the joy that comes from putting color on paper. The marks and scribbles are just reflections of the child's inner state. And while most children's drawings look horrible to the average adult's eye, they do say a lot.

Music is really no different. We take a few chords and play around with them. We improvise and see what comes up. If we remain in the present, the music that comes from us has a magic quality that is hard to define - but you know when it's there.

Remember, process over product. The big mistake many students make is that they want a finished product they can show off to others. There's nothing wrong with this and it's natural to want to share our creations. But we must decide which is more important ... our own joy and happiness at the piano, or the approval of others.

And by the way, it is possible to have both.


Seek well-being for yourself with gastric bypass surgery

Along with changing lifestyles, obesity is emerging as the biggest health hazard. Obesity, itself is not any kind of illness but is leading to many obesity related illnesses. Conditions such as high cholesterol, diabetes, varied blood pressure and heart diseases are the long term effects of those few extra pounds you carried on ignoring. If you have one of these conditions and the root cause is obesity then you must start pondering over solutions that can help you in reducing weight. Many people work really hard to reduce their extra fat but do not get desired results as they have no control over their appetite craving. This irrepressible appetite craving insists them to eat more and more; at the end of their exercise or weight lose session, they find that the results are nil. In such a situation one can do nothing except being disheartened.

Therefore, if you have faced the similar situation and are frazzled due to ineffectiveness of all weight loose procedures and solutions then you must not be aware about gastric bypass surgery. For overweight people who cannot control their appetite craving gastric bypass surgery is the only and sure-shot solution. In every case, weather it is simple or very critical it can dramatically improve the obesity related conditions. Young women who are not able to conceive just because of their fat, with this surgery they conceived and gave birth to healthy babies. Not only this people who were suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, had high cholesterol etc become able to give up their medicines after this surgery.

The very first thing that needs to be determined before going for a gastric bypass surgery is that whether the person is eligible for the surgery or not? However, the doctor needs to carefully examine the current physical and emotional health of the patient. For instance, if the patient has recently had treatment for any major disease, heart attack or any surgery then the patient must wait for some more time. People, who had any kind of mental disorder in past time but have been well controlled now, are considered as a good candidate for gastric bypass surgery. In the initial stages of its development, this surgery was considered as an adult surgery but with passing time and changing requirements, doctors recommend it for minors too.

As there are two types of surgeries available to help people in loosing weight, people can go for the best suitable one. One of these surgeries is restrictive and other one is malabsorptive. Restrictive gastric bypass surgery the size of stomach dramatically decreases and it gives the person a feeling of being full. After this surgery overeating gives really very unpleasant results thus the patient automatically avoids overeating. The functioning of malabsorptive weight loose surgery is also same and sometimes it results tremendous weight loss; the only difference is that this procedure restricts absorption of calories. Take initiatives and fix an appointment with your doctor to form your body and life in a new shape.